Lab Alumni

Dr. Liyuan Hou (Joanna)


As a researcher, my interests include three research themes: (1) degradation mechanisms and products of non-biodegradable plastics; (2) interrelationship among the microplastics and environmental microbes; (3) converting wastes into biodegradable plastics. “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.” I aspire to both investigate and create. As a female engineer, my long-term goal is to strike a balance between doing research and applying my findings and theories in practice in such a way that ultimately impacted the world. In my spare time, I love hiking, painting and designing jewelry and acrylic nails.

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Hailee Morrison

Undergraduate Student: Biochemistry and Microbiology

Hailee here! I’m still an undergraduate, but working hard to finish it off so I can go on to more education… My research interests currently align with Dr. Hou as I work with her on the aspects of plastic from a microbial point of view, and I hope to do more work on it in the future. When I’m not studying or in lab, I like to discover new music (and sing along), write poetry, and admire the plant life on campus- all with a Dr. Pepper in hand, of course.

Wanjing Chen

Undergraduate Student: Microbiology and Statistics

Hello, I’m Wanjing. I’m a senior undergraduate student majoring in Microbiology and Statistics. In the lab I work with Dama and assist with data analysis for the landfill project. When I’m not in the lab, I like reading, playing sudoku puzzles and walking along the lakeshore path.

Jacob Nagel

Undergraduate Student: Microbiology and Nutrition Science

Hey, I’m Jake! I work in the lab mostly for Dr. Hou as an undergraduate student hourly help. When I am away from the lab, I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends, watching a ton of movies and every Sunday watching the Green Bay Packers.

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